Janja Garnbret: Net Worth, Personal Life, and Her Climbing Career

Slovenian professional rock climber Janja Garnbret was born on March 12, 1999. She specializes in sport and competition climbing and has won several competition bouldering and lead climbing titles. She is recognized as one of the best competitive climbers ever and won the first-ever female Olympic gold medal in climbing in 2021. In addition, she is the first female climber in history to successfully onsight an 8c (5.14b) rated sport climbing route. Garnbret was the competition climber with the most gold medals earned by the IFSC as of 2023.

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Facts about Janga Garnbert

Name Janja Garnbret
First Name Janja
Last Name Garnbret
Occupation Rock Climber
Birthday March 12
Birth Year 1999
Place of Birth Slovenia
Birth Country Slovenia
Birth Sign Pisces
Father Vili Garnbret 
Mother Darja Garnbret
Siblings Not Available
Boyfriend Domen Škofic

Janja Garnbret’s Life Story

Born in Slovenia, Janja Garnbret is a well-known and wealthy rock climber. She was born on March 12, 1999. 

Slovenian rock climber and sport climber Janja Garnbret was born on March 12, 1999. She has won several lead climbing and bouldering competitions. 

At seven years old, she started going climbing. At the age of eight, she participated in her first national tournament. The 2013 European Youth Championships in Bouldering was her first significant competition, which she won. 

In the 2014 World Youth B Championships lead competition, Garnbret earned her maiden international championship. Shortly after turning sixteen, she began participating in the Lead Climbing World Cup senior category in July 2015. She has since participated in third-one Lead Climbing World Cup competitions, missing the podium in only four. 

She finished eighth in the overall lead climbing rankings in 2015 –her first year qualifying for the ISFC Climbing World Cup. She also won the prestigious “La Sportiva Legends Only” bouldering competition in Sweden the same year, defeating Shauna Coxsey, Mélissa Le Nevé, Juliane Wurm, and Anna Stöhr. In 2012, she also took home the Melloblocco bouldering gathering title. 

Janja’s Professional Career

At the 2014 World Youth B Championships, Garnbret won her maiden international championship in the lead. After turning sixteen in July 2015, she qualified for the lead Climbing World Cup in the senior division. Since then, she has competed in forty-five Lead Climbing World Cup competitions, only missing the podium four times. 

At the age of seventeen, Garnbret won the lead the combined seasonal crowns of the IFSC Climbing World Cup in 2016, as well as the lead and bouldering World Championships and the World Youth A championships.

She won the seasonal championship in lead climbing and combination categories from 2016 to 2018.

She won the World Championships in bouldering and combined in 2018 and 2019, and she regained the lead title in that year. Garnbret made history that year when he won every bouldering World Cup event in a single season.

She completed many IFSC contests in 2016 and won most of them. She took home the World Cup of Lead titles and combined disciplines, the World Lead Championships, and the World Youth Lead and Bouldering Championships. Additionally, Garnbret defeated Jessica Pilz in the superfinal of the Adidas Rockstars 2016 competition, an invitational competition for the finest bouldering athletes worldwide. She also took home the Rock Master title in 2016 and 2018.

At seventeen, Garnbret won the lead and combined seasonal crowns in the 2016 IFSC Climbing World Cup, the lead climbing World Championships, and the lead and bouldering World Youth A Championships. She won the seasonal championship in lead climbing and combination categories from 2016 to 2018. She won the World Championships in bouldering and combined in 2018 and 2019; in 2019, she took back the lead title. Garnet made history in 2019 by being the first athlete to win every Bouldering World Cup event in the season at the age of 20. She won six qualifying, four semifinals, and six finals throughout six tournaments and cleared 74 out of 78 boulder problems in total. 

She took first place in the Lead and Combined World Cups, won the Combined title at the European Championships, and placed second in Bouldering in both events in 2017.

Janja Garnbret’s Net Worth

Janja Garnbret is one of Slovenia’s wealthiest rock climbers. Based on our research and information from Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Janja Garnbret has a net worth of $3–5 million. (As of February 3, 2024, last updated)

  • $5 million in 2024
  • $3 million in 2023

Janja Garnbret’s Weight and Height

Janja Garnbret: One of the best climbers in the world

Height of Janja Garnbret: 1.64 m. Janja’s physical measurements will be updated shortly; her weight is unknown.

She successfully on-sighted the 8b (5.13d) Avatar route in Pandora, Croatia, 2015. In her native Slovenia, she accomplished her first 8c+ (5.14c) climb at Miza za šest in Kotecnik the same year. She flashed La Fabelita, an 8c (5.14b) sports climbing route, in Santa Linya in Spain the following year. After receiving guidance from fellow citizen Mina Markovič, she ascended the trail in less than 15 minutes without exhibiting any signs of difficulty. She took it a step further in 2017 when, at Santa Linya, she clipped the anchor of her first 9a (5.14d), Seleccio Natural. A few days later, in Santa Linya, she climbed La Fabela pa la Enmienda, her second 9a route.

With just three out of seven events competed in owing to school obligations, she won two gold and one silver in Bouldering and successfully defended her World Cup championships in Lead and Combined disciplines. She also took home World Championship titles in the combined and bouldering sports. She also came within a hair’s breadth of winning the Lead Climbing World Championships. She took home the silver medal there after decisively finishing the final route in 4 minutes and 38 seconds—just 11 seconds behind the winner, Jessica Pilz.

Who Janja Garnbret Is Dating?

Although Janja prefers to keep her life private, she is presently seeing another rock climber named Domen Skofic. He competes in rock climbing and won the gold in the 2016 IFSC Climbing World Cup in the lead. 2013 saw their first meeting while playing for the Slovenian national youth team. 


Information & Factual Notes

Janja ranked among the most well-liked rock climbers. It was included on the elite list of well-known Slovenian-born individuals. The date of Janja Garnbret’s birthday is always March 12.

She won every event throughout the season (6 out of 6) and dominated the Bouldering World Cup in 2019. She solved 74 out of 78 issues. There was no prior record in the annals of competitive climbing for this accomplishment. When Anna Stohr won seven of the eight Bouldering World Cup events in 2013, she came very close to accomplishing the same feat. At the 2019 IFSC Climbing World Championships, Garnbret won gold in bouldering, lead, and combined, taking home three of the four categories in the same year. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the World’s Greatest Climber Janja Garnbret?

Garnbret has podiumed 49 times and won 32 gold medals in the IFSC World Cup as of April 2022 (18 in Bouldering and 14 in Lead). She is the most successful competition climber in history when totaling her wins from the World Cup series (i.e., overall seasonal wins) and World Championships. 

  • Does Janja Garnbret go outside to climb?

Janja Garnbret, the legendary Slovenian climber who often seems to be in a class of her own during climbing competitions, is also an incredible outdoor climber.

  • Janja Garnbret is an Excellent Player.

Building her legend, Janja Garnbret wins the first women’s 8c/5.14b onsight. Arguably the most successful competition climber ever, the Slovenian has won 31 gold medals in the IFSC Climbing World Cup and an Olympic gold medal. Janja Garnbret is the world’s most demanding female rock climber, having climbed actual rock on her first try.

  • What is Janja Garnbret’s Age?

March 12, 1999, is 23 years old.

  • How Do Mountain Climbers Get Into the Olympics?

Climbers will have two chances to set a personal best in the Olympic Qualification phase. The quickest time for each climber will be compared against the other climbers. The fastest time will place first in the Qualification round.

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