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Rebecca Adlington, OBE, is an English former competitive swimmer who competed internationally, specializing in freestyle events. She was born on February 17, 1989. In the 800-meter freestyle and 400-meter freestyle events at the 2008 Summer Olympics, she took home two gold medals and broke Janet Evans’ 19-year-old world record. Adlington became the first swimmer from Britain to win two gold medals at the Olympics since 1908 and the country’s first Olympic swimmer since 1988. She earned bronze in the women’s 400-meter and 800-meter freestyle events at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London after her maiden World Championship gold in the 800 meters in 2011 and silver in the 400 meters at the same tournament. Adlington is among the select few who have won gold medals in the Olympic games, World Championships, Continental Championships, and Commonwealth Games, despite never taking first place in any one event (never taking first place in the 800- or 400-meter freestyle events at the European or world Championships).

At 23, Adlington announced his retirement from all competitive swinging on February 5, 2013. She has made several media appearances and served as a swimming analyst for BBC TV at the Olympic Games and World Aquatics Championships after finishing her swimmer career. Adlington is one of many former athletes who created a business entity offering leisure and coaching services.


Facts about Rebecca Adlington

Name Rebecca Adlington
First Name Rebecca
Last Name Adlington
Occupation Swimmer
Birthday February 17
Birth Year 1989
Place of Birth Mansfield
Birth Country England
Net Worth £1.1 million

Early Life and Education

Adlington went to The Brunts School in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, where she was born. She was one of 94 athletes from “the world of aquatics” to receive the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence award (AASE) in 2009. The AASE aims to identify outstanding athletes who can excel academically while pursuing competitive training.

Adlington began swimming with the Sherwood Colliery Swimming Club and was chosen for the Nova Centurion Swimming Club, the Nottinghamshire County Elite Squad. She competed in the National Speedo’ B’ Final in May 2010 and raced for Nottingham Leander Swimming Club in local competitions. Terry Adlington was Adlington’s great-uncle, a former Derby County goalkeeper, and she is a devoted follower of Derby.

Commercial Coaching and Recreational Facilities

Adlington belongs to the business company Total Swimming company, which also includes former athletes Steve Parry and Adrian Turner. The firm’s purpose is to provide teaching and recreational opportunities. In 2022, JD Sports invested, gaining a 60% share. Adlington joined about 200 other people to form a pressure group in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown and the global energy crises of 2021-2023, urging the continuation of the UK energy subsidy and the energy price cap, which ends in April 2023, to help energy-hungry swimming pools survive potential closures.

Personal life

Adlington’s sister suffered from encephalitis, a brain infection, in 2005. Although her sister eventually fully recovered, the experience affected Adlington, who said in 2012, “It made me more determined.” It forces me to work out more. Adlington joined the Encephalitis Society as an Ambassador to increase public awareness of the disease in 2009.

Comedian Frankie Boyle was convicted in 2009 by the BBC Trust’s Editorial Standards Committee for violating rules in 2008 when he used “unnecessary innuendo” and “humiliating and offensive” statements during a BBC 2 broadcast of Mock The Week, mocking Adlington’s looks. Adlington’s mother said that her daughter was more distressed due to the BBC’s decision to make the verdict public. (Registration required)

  • Adlington wed Harry Needs, a former swimmer, in 2014. Together, the couple gave birth to a daughter in 2015. Adlington and Needs parted ways in March of 2016.
  • Adlington and her partner, Andy Parsons, announced their son’s birth on March 4, 2021. On September 5, 2021, she made the couple’s marriage public. She had a miscarriage in August 2022 and required urgent surgery.
  • Adlington revealed that she had miscarried in October 2023, telling doctors of the news at a 20-week exam. Harper was born on October 20, 2023, in Wythenshawe Hospital.

What Is The Net Worth of Rebecca Adlington?

One of the most excellent swimmers of her time, Rebecca Adlington, competed in two Olympics, Beijing 2008 and London 2012. She brought home four medals overall.

Despite her choice to quit early, Adlington’s great swimming career has directly contributed to her substantial income of around £1.1 million.

She earned a respectable amount of money from sponsorship agreements and interviews after her Olympic achievement, in addition to her career prize money.

Adlington’s income increased even more when she started working for the BBC as a media personality and often appears on their swimming coverage of important championships.

Career in Competition 

Adlington competed in the 400-meter and 800-meter freestyle events at the 2008 Summer Olympics on behalf of Great Britain. She was also supposed to compete in the 4 x 200-meter freestyle relay, but the team didn’t make it to the finals since she rested throughout the heat. She broke the Commonwealth record With a timing of 4:02.24 in the 400-meter freestyle heats. With a time of 4:03.22, she won the gold medal in the same event at the 2008 Summer Olympics, surpassing American Katie Hoff in the last 20 meters. In 1960, when Anita Lonsbrough won swimming gold for Great Britain, she was the first woman to do so. Since Henry Taylor won three gold medals in the 1908 Olympics, she was the only British Swimmer to win more than one gold medal in a single competition.

Adlington said in 2009 that she struggled with the pressure put on her before the World Aquatics Championships in Rome when she set a personal record in the 400-meter freestyle but only took home a bronze. In the 4×200-meter freestyle, she grabbed another bronze. She placed fourth in her favorite event, the 800-meter freestyle.

Adlington finished sixth in her preferred 800-meter freestyle even in 2010 but could not secure a medal in the 400-meter freestyle at the European Swimming Championships in Budapest. As a 4×200-meter freestyle relay team member, she took home the medal.

She completed the 200-meter freestyle and established a record for England in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay, for which she earned bronze at the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. She also got a “bonus” bronze medal in that event. Adlington took the lead early on and finished first in the 800-400-meter freestyle to complete her Olympic double with a second gold medal. She placed second in the 400-meter freestyle to complete her Olympic double with a second gold medal. She placed second in the 400-meter freestyle and first in the 800-meter freestyle after the season.

Adlington took first place in the 800-meter freestyle at the 2011 World Aquatics Championships, defeating Lotte Friis in the last 50 meters, and second place in the 400-meter freestyle, behind only Federica Pellegrini of Italy, the world record holder.

Adlington took home two bronze medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London: one in the 400-meter freestyle (4:03.01]) and another in the 800-meter freestyle (8:20.32) for women. Adlington said during the Games that she would not be competing in the 800-meter event and would not be going to Rio for the Summer Olympics in 2016.


  1. She won the gold medal in the 800 meters at the European Junior Championships in 2004.
  2. In addition to her hallmark event, the 800m freestyle, Becky won the 200 and 400m freestyle in the 2008 British Olympic Trials.
  3. She surged from fifth position with 50 meters remaining in the 400-meter freestyle at the Beijing Olympics to steal the gold from American Katie Hoff and compatriot Joanne Jackson in an exciting nail-biter finish.
  4. She won the 800m freestyle at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, shattering the 19-year-old world record held by Janet Evans and setting a new record.
  5. She won silver in the 400 m freestyle and gold in the 800 m freestyle at the Shanghai 2011 FINA Championships.
  6. It served as a well-liked aquatic sports analyst for the BBC.
  7. 2016 saw the start of Becky Adlington’s Swim Stars collaboration initiative, which aims to make swimming enjoyable for pool operators while advancing her goal of having every kid be able to swim at least 25 meters by the time they graduate from primary school.

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